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Using Intraoperative Ultrasound in Neurosurgery: Prof. Geirmund Unsgård

Posted by BK Medical on Jul 3, 2019 8:57:09 AM

"In neurosurgery, you should be sure, and ultrasound gives you
certainty and makes you feel confident as a surgeon."

Geirmund Unsgård is Professor Emeritus of Neurosurgery at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), where he worked for 30 years. For 22 years he served as Chief of the Neurosurgical Department at St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim University Hospital, in Trondheim, Norway. An expert of ultrasound-guided neurosurgery, Prof. Unsgård has used intraoperative ultrasound imaging to guide his neurosurgical procedures for over two decades.

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Topics: Neurosurgery

The Value of Ultrasound in Colorectal Examination and Treatment: Case Study

Posted by BK Medical on Jun 19, 2019 12:43:35 PM

The Pelvic Floor Center at Skåne University Hospital is the only one of its kind in Sweden. Its five surgeons and support staff dedicate their expertise to advanced proctology, and their combined knowledge and experience make the center Sweden’s most advanced referral unit for complex colorectal issues.

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Topics: Surgery, Pelvic Floor

Anesthesia, Musculoskeletal, and Women’s Health Ultrasound Procedures Now Available for bkSpecto

Posted by BK Medical on Jun 5, 2019 10:47:00 AM

Today, we are excited to bring to market three new procedural applications for the bkSpecto ultrasound system. With this release, we’re bringing more than 40 years of specialized ultrasound guidance expertise in intraoperative procedures to anesthesia, musculoskeletal (MSK) and orthopedic, and gynecology procedures.

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Topics: Musculoskeletal, Reproductive Medicine, Anesthesiology