Visualize Success with the New Advanced Laparoscopic Transducer

Posted by BK Medical on Jul 12, 2021 10:45:00 AM

When you are looking for a way to visualize anatomy and guide your procedure during laparoscopic hepatobiliary surgeries, use real-time active imaging. The combination of intraoperative imaging and BK Medical’s new Advanced Laparoscopic Transducer (I13C3f*) helps guide your procedures and support decision-making. Designed with an ergonomic handle, the fully sterilizable transducer features Smart Button™ for complete control, dual needle channels, and integrated needle guidance for biopsy and ablation. Overall, the Advanced Laparoscopic Transducer is designed for enhanced visualization and guidance in laparoscopic hepatobiliary procedures.

Operate with Comfort and Control

Take advantage of the transducer’s ergonomic handle and lightweight design, which makes the transducer easy to hold and provides comfort during longer procedures. The improved rocker switch lets you operate your active imaging with more controlled tip movement and firm organ contact while the new Smart Button™ allows for two programmable controls.

Dual Needle Guidance and Patented Laser Technology

The transducer also provides dual needle channels and integrated needle guidance with a laser feature. The proprietary dual needle channel design enables greater freedom of maneuverability and allows for the preferred insertion angle on up to two needles simultaneously, while the patented laser feature allows the user to plan and target tumor biopsies and ablations with visual aid.

Check out the video below to see all the features of the Advanced Laparoscopic Transducer in action.


Enable Organ-Sparing Hepatobiliary Procedures

Use the Advanced Laparoscopic Transducer to visualize tumor location, enable critical decision-making, and adapt surgical plans.

Let us look at the facts. Data shows that intraoperative ultrasound:VisualizeSuccess-1

  • Can assist in identifying 10-25% additional hepatic lesions than with preoperative imaging alone.1,2                    
  • Provides 94% accuracy in detecting VisualizeSuccess-2
    pancreatic adenocarcinoma.1,3 



  • Changes up to 49% of surgicalVisualizeSuccess-3
    plans during hepatic resections.1,2,3,4



The Advanced Laparoscopic Transducer provides exceptional image quality and enhanced visualization of tissue variation. If you are a hepatobiliary surgeon or general surgeon looking for an easy way to perform laparoscopic procedures with excellent image guidance, the Advanced Laparoscopic Transducer is the latest innovation designed for you.

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