Prostate Ultrasound Biopsy with BK Fusion Technology: Mr. Allen Wynn

Posted by BK Medical on Jan 4, 2018 9:20:46 AM

In this video, Prostate cancer survivor Allen Wynn describes how he feels that having a doctor who uses cutting edge technology made a difference to him when he was diagnosed with a prostate cancer that required treatment. PSA tests and Digital Rectal Exams are important tools for prostate screening but often raise as many questions as they answer. Systematic biopsies don’t always give enough information to be conclusive. Fusing real-time ultrasound images with pre-exam MRI data gives you better guidance to help accurately target lesions identified in the MRI images, potentially reducing the risk of missing high-grade tumors or under-staging tumors for active surveillance. Watch this video to learn more about the bkFusion system.  





Topics: Urology, MR Fusion Biopsy, Prostate Biopsy, bkFusion

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