Multicompartment Pelvic Floor Ultrasound Imaging: Visualize Surgical Mesh with Ultrasound

Posted by BK Medical on Jun 20, 2014 10:00:00 AM

In this handbook Dr. Aparna Hegde and Dr. G Willy Davila provide an introduction to the role of multicompartment pelvic floor ultrasound imaging in the management of patients who have undergone sling surgery for stress urinary incontinence.

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Midurethral slings have become the surgical treatment of choice in patients with stress urinary incontinence. Success rates after sling surgery may vary considerably and in some patients it can be difficult to determine why a sling has failed.


Surgical mesh is very difficult or impossible to see on X-ray and MRI. 3D ultrasound allows the physician to see the sling in planes that cannot be assessed by conventional 2D imaging. The 3D data volume obtained using ultrasound can be manipulated in sagittal, coronal and axial planes to follow the sling along its entire intrapelvic course.


Read the e-book to learn:

  • Why ultrasound is an excellent imaging modality to visualize mesh
  • The benefits of 3D and multicompartment pelvic floor imaging
  • Other uses of ultrasound to assist with diagnosing pelvic floor disorders


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