Dr. Moran Discusses Advantages of Transperineal Ultrasound Guided Prostate Biopsies

Posted by BK Medical on Dec 11, 2013 12:00:00 PM

In our third interview segment with Dr. Moran, we get a firsthand testimonial of why he prefers performing a transperineal biopsy using ultrasound guidance to the more widely performed transrectal biopsy. “A transperineal prostate biopsy has a very high overall accuracy level. It tells us where the disease is if it’s there, and it gives us the confidence to know it’s not there if indeed the biopsies are negative. The other nice thing about this technique is it has a very low infection rate, it’s essentially zero. .”—Dr. Moran

Dr. Moran’s transperineal biopsy technique has revolutionized his clinic’s ability to perform brachytherapy. The two techniques work hand-in-hand by giving Dr. Moran and his doctors the accuracy and assurance that unnecessary radiation to parts of the prostate that don’t need to be treated aggressively are being left unharmed.  He also discusses the emergence of focal therapy.

The BioJet fusion system overlays real-time ultrasound images with MRI identified regions of interest to provide real-time guidance during prostate biopsies.  The combination of the Flex Focus and the Biojet system supports both transperineal and transrectal biopsy methods.  Find out how to get more accurate biopsies by combining MRI with ultrasound on our website.

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